For tours/festivals/special and corporate events

Get your artist on the road faster. Our seasoned crew of musicians and engineers have been touring together at an international level for years already. We are used to working smoothly and efficiently as one team.

So you can safely entrust everything to us: the choice of musicians, rehearsals, the tour management – including all the technical side. For you, it’s a hands-off package that saves time and countless complications.

References: Selah Sue, Postmen, Simple Minds, Hooverphonic, Daan, Zap Mama, Gabriel Rios, Novastar… and a whole lot more!

So basically, we have a full team (band & crew) ready to work with an artist that has to tour.

But book early, there is only one team!


Laetitia Luisetti
advance production – tour management


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